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Oregon Dental Design is the ultimate source for all your dental restoration needs. We use proven methods, materials and equipments to precision design, mill and hand-craft quality products and services.



Digital Impressions

Sending a digital impression to Oregon Dental Design is simple. Click on helpful links below to get you started! -



  • ZIP CODE: 97401




Traditional Impressions

We accept both digital and traditional impressions. Digital impressions can be sent via the connect portal and completed without a model. If from traditional impressions, models can be poured and mounted and dies trimmed as necesary. These models are then scanned into a digital file using the Sirona Eneos X5 scanner, then completed using the Sirona Inlab software. Cases are then finished by hand and sent back with working models for verification.



Same Day Smile (Chairside)

One of the marvels of digital dentistry is the same day smile. This is a primium service to a very special patient. This requires close treamwork (doctor and technician conference prior to prepping day), as well as an approved diagnostic wax up to get all parties on the same page with estableshed outcome expectations. A same day smile can take a patient from morning prepping to a complete bonded smile that afternoon.

Emax veneers can be individually processed with incisal enamel layering for enhanced natural beauty.



All-Ceramic Restorations

The modern dental industry offers a wide range of material choices used in restorative dentistry.

This video focuses on a few popular all ceramic choices. We take a brief look at color, opacity and strength.



Implant Restorations

The digital format in the dental lab production has revolutionized the industry. Manual skills that were developed over decades are now channeled through software with a click of a mouse.

What once took days now takes just hours. This process is efficient, accurate and cost effective. 

This amazing lab service is offered to the Cerec office as well as the conventional office.



Gold Restorations

The marvel and accuracy of computer assist milled dental restorations now extends to gold crowns and bridges.

Each milled gold restoration is hand finished and high polished before sending out.


There is a seven lab day turn around.

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